Eesti Metsameister is the No. 1 partner for private forest owners on forest management issues in Estonia.

Why is this so?

We have gathered experience and knowledge of forest management for several centuries in one organization – Eesti Metsameister.

Our team is characterized by one simple wish – to do things better. This is the reason why we are chosen by thousands of land owners and hundreds of forest organizations in Estonia and abroad.

Eesti Metsameister is a part of the whole – forestry in Estonia. Metsameister listens to all the wishes of owners and overcomes any obstacles – regardless of their complexity. For us it is important that the owner of the forest receives an accurate and objective review of his property – the forest. Therefor we stand and believe that the basis for successful cooperation is trust, transparency and professionalism.

Eesti Metsameister knows that the forest is the most important value of the Estonian people. Our mission is to increase awareness of forest owners about balanced forest management, because only so and in no other way we will be able to ensure safety of Estonia’s most important resource for the next generations.

An old proverb goes: “If you want to move fast, then go alone. If you want to go far, go together!”.

We believe that together we can create a better future – Save the Estonian forest. 

Eesti Metsameister – Master, in the Estonian forest.