Forest management plan may be called a forest plan, clearing plan or forest passport. The forest management plan helps the owner during planning the large-scale forest lands. The plan shall include description of forest reserves, applicable limitations, as well as recommendations of the law on forest, regulations on forest management, instructions on forest management and fair practices of forest management. Based on the applicable law on forest, the most important foundation of forest management is the information on forest stocktaking recorded in the forest register. At the same time, it is difficult to get a good overview of possibilities of forest management from the forest register.


The appraiser’s description includes detailed description of each section of forest. The composition of trees, their height, diameter, density and reserves are stated there. There is information on increment, underwood and damaged timber. Also, the description provides the information on forest works performed during the last 10 years, and recommendations on the methods of forest work for the following 10 years.