• It is difficult to manage the forest on your own

Independent forest management is a complicated time-consuming process. If the forest owner wants to cut it down, the owner shall have a valid plan of forest management, application for a clearing card, equipment and workforce. All of this requires profound knowledge of the sector, coordination, energy and time. We have all that, and hence we perform a large amount of works, have higher prices for purchasing and low tariffs for clearing and removal.

  • Excessive risk

Forest possession is a risk. For instance, if the owner of the adjacent territory decides to clear the forest completely, there is a risk of brush wood as Your forest may be found in the wind passage. If Your land area is at the lake shore or river bank, beavers may settle there. A beaver can cut down a tree 5-7cm in diameter for 2 minutes, and a tree 10-12 cm in diameter – over a night. If Your land area is located near public places, there is a risk of forest fire during hot and dry summer. Each year dozens of hectares of forest burn down in Estonia.


We all know that forests and agricultural lands are the important part of our environment, thus You need to manage them properly and with a perspective to the future. We offer a method of management of Your forest that absolutely excludes any risk by handing it over to the professionals. Sale does not always seem to be a smart decision, though obligations related to forest management are great. Various types of clearance, swamp ditches, development of forest management plans, applying for clearing cards, clearing, cleaning and planting are the processes that contribute to forest management. We recommend You to think of selling the land plot if You do not manage to cope with Your own efforts.


Mature forest loses its value but we do not think of it very often. The forest yield stops at a later age, and the trees become subject to various diseases and depredators. Old forest is very sensitive to storms as proved by the recent years when huge amounts of forest were lost exactly during the storms. Be on Your guard and take care of Your property.


Our advantage over other competitors is our pace. Our partners – best in Estonia taxators, notaries, land surveyors and owners of sawmills – allow us to keep the pace. Eesti Metsameister is an enterprise completely based on the Estonian capital.