We offer three possibilities of selling the right to clearing

Transfer of the right to clearing

Transfer of the right to clearing is the sale of a clearing notice/card. To file an application to receive a notice on clearing, it is necessary to address the local forest consultant and then approve the cards in the Environment Department. The notices shall include the amount of clearing, place, time and other terms. Eesti Metsameister OÜ prepares a price quotation for transfer of the right to clearing based on the available information: notices, forest management plan, and orthographic photo. No one measures the forest value by weight or with a ruler. Actual and correct evaluation can be provided only by the skilled specialists and taxators. The agreement with the forest owner is reached after a visit of the taxator to the land plot and submission of the data to the appraiser.

Right of possession

The right of possession agreement is a notarial transfer of the right to clearing. This is an agreement of lease of a forest compartment drawn up by a notary. The agreement shall define the area of forest used for the purpose of clearing, price and other terms and conditions prescribed for works execution. The right of possession is a term contract normally concluded for two years. Eesti Metsameister recommends to sign the right of possession agreements if there is no actual forest management plan and the time resource is limited. A two-year period allows to choose the best time for performance of works – this will help to save the soil and provide the maximum forest purchase value for You.

Transfer of the right to clearing by the result

Transfer of the right to clearing by the result is a contract where the prices to forest materials are indicated. The person earns income in compliance with the amount of the timber cut down. The calculations are based on the price list approved by the client. Should You wish to clear the forest, we recommend You to contact the specialist. The best way to get the required information is to call our consultant or send a request.